The internet provides the opportunity to promote yourself or your product/service more easily than ever before. At the same time those opportunities are evolving in new directions on an almost daily basis and trying to keep up with what is hot and what is not is a full time job and one that may require more time than you have available.That is what we are about. We have the knowledge, the skills and the experience to do that work for you.


author image Michael Johnston, founder of Specialized Digital MarketingThat is where we come in. Specialized Digital Marketing was started by Michael Johnston with the goal of helping independent artists and business people find success on the web. He brought with him 10 years experience as a business owner and 20+ years as a freelance writer who covered the indie music scene in New York City as well as writing about a host of other subjects such as politics, the environment, energy and off Broadway theater.

Specialized Digital Marketing is the product of that combination of experience in business and entertainment. Standard marketing methods for business are applied to the entertainment industry. The company is based on the philosophy that everyone can find a market/audience for their products with the right marketing.


Much has been said about the value of do it yourself promotion for cash strapped indie artists and while it is true that doing something is better than doing nothing there are limits to what can be done DIY. We encourage artists to take things as far as they can by themselves and offer helpful tips to these ends on our blog. Then, when the time comes for a more large scale, professionally crafted campaign we stand ready to assist.

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